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This site demonstrates IT Hit AJAX File Browser control and IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine.

Test Folder

The following folder was created for you for testing purposes:

Note that this folder and all files in it will be deleted within 72 hours. You can use the above url to test WebDAV server with various WebDAV clients.

Using with Microsoft Office

You can open for editing Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Power Point) as well as any other files directly from AJAX File Browser interface and then save them back to server from Microsoft Office user interface without the need to download them to local file system or installing any third-party tools.

Test Limitations

This server is not intended for heavy testing. If you would like to test server performance please download the fully functional trial version of IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine.

Client and Server Versions

IT Hit Server Engine for .Net version: 3.9.2075.0
IT Hit AJAX File Browser version: Loading...